Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Add Water

I’ve been doing a tremendous amount of business writing lately and have run into the proverbial “writer’s block” more than once over the last few weeks. Sometimes I need that good pivotal idea or a turn of phrase, and sometimes I just need a mental reset button to still the commotion in my mind and shake it loose so something fresh can fall out.

I remember hearing that prolific screenwriter Aaron Sorkin takes up to eight showers a day to help jump-start his writing. If things aren’t going well on the writing front, he gets into the shower, then into different clothes and tries again. It gives him a burst of energy and focus that helps him get down to the task at hand.

Curious, I tried this last week and it worked! A quick, convenient, effective do-over to get me writing again. And that started me thinking… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could choose a do-over at any time and in any area of our life simply by taking a shower? How nice it would be to have that option. Just add water!

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