Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"Lights out!" For years, that was my cue to pull out the big, old, heavy flashlight filled with Ray-o-vac batteries from under my bed. Up past my bedtime, sneaking in a few more pages, huddled under the covers with my flashlight and my Nancy Drew books, everything was more exciting.

These were the good old days when a great book meant you stayed up all night secretly reading, knowing perfectly well that your tomorrow would be totally out of whack.

Do children do this anymore? If more did, maybe the state of readers in our schools and world wouldn't be so "in the dark." As parents and teachers who love to read, we need to share that enthusiasm for books with our students and children, remembering that what we make them love and desire is so much more important than what we make them learn.

Our sons' and daughters' childhoods are so short. Let's fill them with flashlight-worthy books and flashlights!

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bethenais said...

what a super post! love it! and you are so right---now they have iphones and texting- ok I have older teens but,still the feeling of reading a good book is unique and powerful! how to inspire them??