Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Wanderlust isn’t nipping at my heels most days, and I’m not a great traveler, but I’ve been sensing this desire for a little adventure. It started with this picture of a gypsy caravan. It reminded me of that children’s book by Kenneth Grahame, “Wind in the Willows,” where Toad takes to the road in just such a caravan. I have no destination in mind, which is, I think, the fun part. It’s about climbing in and, as Toad says, seeing what there is to see. Where have your wanderings led you lately?

‘O, pooh! Boating!' interrupted the Toad, in great disgust. ‘Silly boyish amusement. I've given that up long ago. Sheer waste of time, that's what it is. It makes me downright sorry to see you fellows, who ought to know better, spending all your energies in that aimless manner. No, I've discovered the real thing, the only genuine occupation for a life time. I propose to devote the remainder of mine to it, and can only regret the wasted years that lie behind me, squandered in trivialities. Come with me, dear Ratty, just as far as the stable-yard, and you shall see what you shall see!'

He led the way to the stable-yard accordingly, the Rat following with a most mistrustful expression; and there, drawn out of the coach house into the open, they saw a gypsy caravan, shining with newness, painted a canary-yellow picked out with green, and red wheels.

Wind in the Willows--The Open Road, Kenneth Grahame

Artwork by Tre Zieman


willow said...

I'm not a great traveler, either. I'm fine once I get there for a few days and then I am ready to head back home. My family teases me about being "travel jinxed". No trips go smoothly for me. Never. I have the Murphys Law of travel experiences.

I've been wanting to read "A Passage to India". And C.S. Lewis' poems look intriguing to me, too.

Joanne said...

Sometimes the journey can be internal, too. Exploring a passion, an interest, a hobby. I guess that's where I've wandered lately, starting a blog in the past year I've wandered with my writing in a new direction. It's a nice journey!

larkspur said...

Peggy, I was glad to read your post,"Wanderlust". I just posted about my road trip yesterday. I was "sensing this desire for a little adventure", so I took off for the day. It helped immensely.
I also read your post, "Sit a Spell". I hate email, but I have been forced into its use now that I am back in school. I crave a sit-down-and-share time with friends, but everybody says to text, email, or face-book them. Arghhhh! I just want to be with them.

meggie said...

Thankyou so much for visiting my blog, & leaving me a comment. I had no idea I was a 'blog of note' LOL.
One of my favourite books ever, is Wind in the Willows. In our family it is always being quoted. I too have a little restless urge at present. I will just have to travel in my books!

Peggy Johnstone said...

Larkspurk, it appears we were simultaneously commenting today! Sorry for the overlap... I couldn't contain how tickled I was when I read your post about your own wanderlust! :)

Willow, Joanne, and Meggie, I think we should settle down into our reading and writing and have a wonderful journey with a cup of hot tea at hand! Cheers!

Jan said...

What an adorable gypsy wagon! I have dreams about those or perhaps a recurring past life memory (?!) of having one for a home. I think I could be really happy in one. I love what Joanne said. My wanderings of late are more internal, for sure.

About the pier, hmmm, I'm guessing Holland? So much snow!

Be well and warm.

Peggy Johnstone said...

Jan, you're so close on your Holland guess. This pic was taken 30 miles north of there. We had over 60 inches of snow just in December.. Yikes! :)

sizzie said...

I always have several books going at any time and that is the only way I have traveled recently. I see you have some that I have just finished. I came to Are You Somebody by reading the author's first novel, My Dream of You. I liked Three Junes so well that I am now on another by the same author.

I also like to dream up trips that I might want to take, often it is people I plan to visit rather than places.

Beautiful caravan. Thanks for posting it.

Peggy Johnstone said...

Sizzie, it shouldn't surprise me that we like the same books! I stumbled onto Nuala O'Faolain's books and adore them!

Jan said...

Ok, now we're cooking. How about Muskegon or Ludington? I have to be getting close. I lived in Grand Haven for many years. (smile)

Peggy said...

Jan, it's Grand Haven. I wonder if our paths ever crossed. I grew up here. Tell me more about where you lived! :-)

Jan said...

I am sosooooo very embarassed! The lighthouse in the middle looked different to me somehow. The 30 miles you referred to threw me off. I thought GH was only 10 miles north of Holland. I'll be happy to share more but why don't we connect via e-mail. Yes, I think we may have met...My e-mail is on my website, how's that?

Peggy said...

Jan, no need to be embarrassed! Usually, the pier and lighthouse are photgraphed from the south, and I think it looks a little different from this side. :) I'll email you soon and we'll compare notes! So very, very nice to meet you!