Friday, January 2, 2009

Today's Lesson

Yesterday is history;
Tomorrow is a mystery;
Today is a gift;
That is why we call it the present.

These words have been attributed to many people--including Joan Rivers!--but it seems Eleanor Roosevelt can be thanked for originally coining them. While watching "Kung Fu Panda" recently with Corban, I heard them again. What a terrific lesson for young and old(er) about valuing each and every day.


Farhad said...

Dear Peggy,
its a very nice literature which u use to express yourself. i likes what u gifted in the blog very much.i'll be happy if u chack my blog as well.i'm yet a beginner from non english speaker world involved in english blogging.your guides will help me to improve my writing very much.

Bdogs said...

How did I miss Kung Fu Panda? We definitely need a little one around to keep us up to date!

willow said...

I adore Eleanor Roosevelt.

And thanks for the tips on the pewter marks. I ordered some books from my library that should help solve the mystery. I'll keep you posted.

Hilary said...

Always wise words. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for your visit to my blog the other day. Much appreciated. :)

Poetikat said...

I cannot imagine Joan Rivers saying that (without some risque twist). I think I must watch "Kung Fu Panda" now.