Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Big Lake

There is such beauty in this area along The Big Lake. It calls you outside—in the summer to the beaches, piers, walking/bike paths, and in the winter to skiing, sledding, skating, and the impossible brightness of the sun on the snow. I maintain that you don't have to enjoy winter to appreciate the fresh and wonderful things nature does here when it gets cold and all the tourists go home.

There is deep, new snow everywhere. Lake Michigan is a formidable snow machine for our small town. In fact, with over 65 inches of snow in this month of December alone, it's getting to the point of needing Old Testament terms to describe it! The snow is calling me now, waiting for me, so I'm heading outside into my world remade white.

Snow in the Air

Snow in the air
long before the first flakes
started their long fall
from the heavens.
Snow in the feel, the smell,
the texture of the air,
feeling the falling barometer,
the shift in the weather.
Falling lightly at first, while
I stood at the sink,
mesmerized, watching
their dance downward…

…Accumulating white,
flake by flake
on the ground, the cars,
still quiet snow, light and airy
a film of white, cell by cell
cleaning the world
in white.

---Raymond A. Foss


Ray Foss said...

This is one of my 3,383 original poems, on my site, Poetry Where You Live,

sizzie said...

I will go look at Poetry Where You Live. Falling snow does mesmerize me. I sit and watch as if I will see something important out the window.

Sydney said...

65 inches in December alone??!?! WOW!
The beach is an incredible place to be in the summer but even moreso in the other seasons. It has so much to offer that all but those who live near it miss the other months of the year. Is this a picture of your lake ?

Peggy Johnstone said...

Sydney, this is indeed a picture of our lake, pier, lighthouse and beach, wearing its white blanket. :) The end of the pier, by the way, is a great place to stargaze, but not in winter, for obvious reasons! LOL