Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Play

With 14 inches of new snow on the ground from our last storm, guess what we're going to do today? That's right! We're going sledding! After yesterday's chore of digging out, today we're going to play in the sparkling, white snow. Is there anything more fun than experiencing sledding through the eyes of a seven-year-old?


Cold and bright, winter light,
Bundle up with all your might;
Cheery faces, noses red,
Is it time to get the sled?
Down the slope, swooping low,
Watch out, people, down below!
Like a skier, like a bird,
Only swishing silence heard.
Many times we sled the hill,
Many a whoop and many a spill…

…Winter wonders, sweet delights,
Snowy days and frost-filled nights;
Memories are made of this,
Childhood times of snowy bliss.

---Joanna M. Phillips
Sled on Snow, Ivanova Maria


willow said...

I'm jealous! We just got a ton of rain yesterday. If it would have been just a tad colder, it would have been a huge dump of snow! Enjoy the sleading. My kids always got a special thrill from sledding on the big hill at the nearby park.

Sydney said...

Ms, Peggy, I see you've found my dear pal Sizzie! I think you're both da bomb and am tickled!

and yes, send me all your snow. I want to come sledding with you! I AM SO JEALOUS!! (did I mention that?)

BTW -- I've tagged you. Come check out my entry on A New Yorker in Houston to see what it's about. xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Such a lovely image and equally super words!
Season's Greetings from New York.

sizzie said...

I have to admit, I am not friends with snow. Except when reading verses that tell the story as clearly as if I were there...and looking at art that does the same. My way of sledding is seeing it done while I am inside. I did sled back in the day, and have to admit I liked it. Even the long trudge back up the hill.