Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Open Sesame!

In our local library, a child can have his own library card when he can write his name. Corban has had his card for almost three years now. When he got it I explained to him that the little green and white plastic card was a ticket to anywhere and everywhere, and that there were unlimited worlds to visit and explore. It’s an astonishing privilege, being able to borrow books to take you anywhere you want to go.

We’ve progressed from picture books to chapter books to, now, periodicals and non-fiction. Books open doors, whole new worlds. Where have we gone? We’ve traveled to Egypt to see the pyramids; we’ve traveled across the ocean in a giant hollow peach; we’ve traveled to the Old West with Omri, an Indian named Little Bear and a cowboy named Boone; we’ve lived a whole winter with Sam Gribley and a Falcon named Frightful in a hollow tree; we’ve been to the moon in Jack and Annie’s magic tree house, and we’ve hunted the woods of the Ozark Mountains with Billy and his coonhound pups. What an awesome treasure there for the taking! But I have to go now… Corban is calling me; we’re leaving for Antarctica in five minutes.


Sydney said...

What fabulous thing to tell your child, and what a wonderful job you're doing as a mother (the hardest job in the world at times) To encourage reading, to make it special and full of wonder to me is one of the best things you can do for a kid. BRAVO!!

sizzie said...

I cannot remember not having a library in my life. It is a wonderful gift you are giving your child. I saw your name at Sydney's and wanted to stop in to say hello. : )