Monday, December 29, 2008

A Child's Prayer

Is there anything more endearing than listening to a young child pray? There is so much beauty in their honesty and innocence. They utter words of unselfconscious truth, so ready to articulate what is on their minds and in their hearts. Corban trusts that his prayers are as important to God as they are to him. The subject matter reflects high points of concern or excitement in his day: well wishes for the frog we caught and released; a fervent wish that our old cat, Maddie, live just one more year; and, on the evening this picture was taken, a request to be brave enough to try new foods.

I know people who are so eloquent when they pray out loud. Their sentences are beautifully constructed of lofty words rising like incense to heaven. As impressive as that may be, I’m much more touched listening to my seven-year-old pray, discussing his special thoughts and wishes—sometimes common, sometimes comical, always touching—with God in hope and in trust. What a privilege it is to witness how the earnest and sincere feelings from his heart are translated into the simple beauty of words, resulting in an offering of energy, passion and feeling. It’s a good reminder to me that if my prayers are to mean anything to God, they must first mean something to me. Amen.


willow said...

"...but not with so much hair all over." That is priceless.

We were just discussing the subject of the various kinds of prayers last week when everyone was home. The pre-written prayer, the public prayer, the silent and whispered ones, and the values of all of them.

Sydney said...

Amen! yes

A beautiful, beautiful post Peggy. I so completely enjoy your ideas and entires.

Bdogs said...

Also, when a child prays out loud, it's directly for the ears of God with no self-consciousness about who else may be listening. Eloquent adults can't help being aware of their human audience, can they?

Bright Spirit said...

Prayer from the heart of a child. That could teach us grown-ups a lot. What a great picture of Corby. It brought tears to my eyes.
Love you always, Mom