Friday, November 7, 2008

My Symphony

I was 17 years old when I first read Leo Tolstoy’s “The Death of Ivan Ilych,” a story about a judge in Russia who despised his job and his wife. He trudged through his whole life angry because he wasn’t fulfilling his dreams and passions. On his deathbed his last words to his wife were, “What if my whole life has been wrong?” As a teenager, that was a new thought for me. But as an adult and mother, it’s even more profound because its implication stretches to include my children.

I’ve always believed that each one of us has music to play in our life. Some of us know early on what that music is; others figure it out later. But to die with our music still in us, unplayed, is tragic. I want to play my music in my life, and I want to teach my children how important it is to find and play their own music. Lindsey, Ethan and Corban each have their own interests, hopes, desires, passions, abilities and gifts. As their mom, I have the privilege of listening to each of them at different times and encouraging them. How I love that! Each has a unique melody, beautiful in its own right. But when all three play at once and together, I hear a symphony!

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