Saturday, October 18, 2008

Small Things

When life scatters us and we find our family members strewn across the country, it's easy to lose track of one another; not in the large, important ways, but in the small things that make us laugh, that make us cry, and that remind us that we are tied to each other by threads of shared history. Life moves so quickly, like a swift current carrying one day into the next. If we don't share these small snapshots of our lives with those we love so much, the landscape changes and we can lose precious and remarkable opportunities to connect. Our lives are filled with small things each and every day that may mean precious little to us, but that our loved ones far away would treasure.

The opportunities, surprises, and unexpected things each new day holds are amplified, of course, when you have children. They're living lives jammed full of things that are shaping them and, as parents, we get a front-row seat. This journal/blog is my humble attempt to chronicle for my family some of the daily wonder I feel as I watch my children grow up and shine forth in a world of their making.

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Sydney said...

Hi Peggy-

I like to go back to see the first posts of the people I really like to see where it all began, what motivated the start of the blog, and to see what I missed.