Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lessons From Pirates

Because we don’t celebrate birthdays, Treasure Hunts, Scavenger Hunts and Big-Toy Day have become rather elaborate affairs around our house. After watching “Goonies” for the umpteenth time, I mentioned to Corban that there was a rumor about a pirate ship being spotted on Lake Michigan. A letter followed in the mail from the pirates to Corban. Thus was born a bonafide treasure hunt with a buried treasure chest, a key, a compass, a treasure map and gold doubloons.

All this led to the real treasure, a new bicycle for Corban, this spring. It seems, however, the fun had been more in the search than in the discovery of the bicycle. As I contemplated this, I couldn’t help but reflect on the beauty of a child’s imagination and their willingness to suspend disbelief and “believe.” Quality of life seems in proportion to the capacity for delight. Who knew pirates could teach us such things?

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