Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hockey Cheerleaders?

Is this the kind of outrageous, bold behavior born of conviction? I think not! A group of creative, bored teenagers (including Ethan) became the unpaid mascots and cheerleaders of a team they chose randomly because of the name of a song.

It must have something to do with the anonymity afforded by false facial hair, hats, and plenty of plaid. Identities masked, there must be safety in numbers allowing these four to do something together none would do by himself. Is this something one does on a dare? Is there a sense of accomplishment hidden here somewhere? They have suddenly become celebrities in an arena of a sport they care nothing and know nothing about. They do it for fun, that much is clear, and it does seem harmless enough for a Saturday night.

The Vice President of the Muskegon Lumberjacks hockey organization has had dropped into his lap a gift in the form of a small group of 16-year-old boys, who are pumping interest and life onto his lackluster stage simply because they thought this would be fun. I suppose it was much the same way Subway® felt when Jarrod became the poster child of healthy fast food. How long will this last? Hard to say. It just goes to show you how serendipitous life can be. Teenaged friends’ idea of fun is another man’s marketing boon. Go Lumberjacks! Enjoy it while you can.

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