Friday, October 24, 2008


While in Denver visiting Lisa a couple of years ago, we took Corban to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. A four-year-old with an enthusiastic bent for novelty and challenge, Corban was determined to eat his food with chopsticks. Chopsticks can be a dangerous implement in the hands of small child, and the menu had a long list of chopstick etiquette trivia. Corban, oblivious to all those printed rules, cheerfully broke every one! This shows, of course, what happens to rules and etiquette when enthusiasm bubbles up.

It was almost painful (and occasionally dangerous) to watch Corban try to eat with his chopsticks. He worked on capturing one green pea for close to 15 minutes. Nothing if not determined, he stuck with it. My frustration for him evaporated when I realized he was having fun. As I watched him I saw that in the hands of a child, chopsticks blur the line between work and play. There is such magic in a child’s enthusiasm. This day it spelled the difference between merely eating and accomplishment!

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